Here is another beautiful completed Wichita Roof by Flint Hills Roofing Company.

Installing Multiple Roofs Every Day!

This video is just one of several Wichita roof builds that were in-progress at the moment. We love to complete projects, make customers happy, get paid, and repeat the process as quickly as possible.

Our company has a Go Go Go! attitude. We understand how to remove much of the pain and expense from the insurance claims process. That is why we stay busy installing multiple Kansas roofs every day.

Removing Barriers To New Roofs

We realize that the largest barrier between a customer and their new roof is a properly documented inspection combined with professional communication. That is why we always perform our no-obligation inspections for  free. This literally gives us a chance to assess if a customer is eligible for a new roof at little or no cost under their Kansas homeowner’s insurance policy.

We are so successful working with insurance providers because we are willing to go the extra mile. We put in the time to properly demonstrate our customer’s need for a new roof to their insurance provider. It is a win-win for Flint Hills Roofing Company and our customers!

Serving The Great State Of Kansas

You see the big sign, you see us all over the internet. Flint Hills Roofing is not only here to stay, but growing fast!

Let us show you why we have a 100% five-star rating on Google with dozens of reviews. Contact us today. Learn how we can help you with roofing, siding, gutters, windows, and more!

Flint Hills Roofing Co (316) 670-0750

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Article and video by Mike Gamache