The Wichita, Kansas metro area is the largest city in the state of Kansas and is home to a diverse range of industries that drive its economy. Here is an overview of the local economy of the Wichita metro area:

Aviation and Aerospace:

The Wichita metro area has a long history of aviation and aerospace manufacturing, dating back to the early 20th century. Today, the city is home to a number of major aviation and aerospace companies, including Spirit AeroSystems, Textron Aviation, and Bombardier Learjet. The industry employs over 30,000 people in the region and contributes billions of dollars to the local economy.


The healthcare industry is a major contributor to the local economy, with a number of major hospitals and healthcare providers located in the region. Some of the largest healthcare employers in the Wichita metro area include Ascension Via Christi, Wesley Healthcare, and the Kansas Health Foundation.


In addition to aviation and aerospace manufacturing, the Wichita metro area is home to a number of other manufacturing industries, including food processing, machinery, and metal fabrication. Major employers in the manufacturing sector include Koch Industries, Cargill, and John Deere.


The Wichita metro area is home to several major universities and colleges, including Wichita State University, Friends University, and Newman University. The education industry is a significant contributor to the local economy, employing thousands of people and attracting students from around the world.

Finance and Insurance:

The finance and insurance industries are also important contributors to the local economy. Some of the largest employers in this sector include INTRUST Bank, Fidelity Bank, and the Farmers Insurance Group.

The Wichita, Kansas metro area has a diverse economy that is driven by a range of industries, including aviation and aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, education, and finance and insurance. With a skilled workforce, affordable cost of living, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the region is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the years to come.


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