Enjoy the new Flint Hills Roofing Company video channel trailer, produced by Mike Gamache

The Roofing Company That Wins!

At Flint Hills Roofing Company, we win. That is the key to success, winning! When we compete with other companies, our bids win. If insurance companies deny legitimate claims, we follow up with the insurance providers, get the claim approved, and win… When we generate profit from jobs, our fearless leader Tyler Sims re-invests a large majority of that profit into growing the business. This results in more big wins!

Quality Counts

We care about performing the highest quality work and building life-long relationships with our customers. We do this in many ways. One of the initial tactics is to work with homeowners and their insurance providers in navigating the claims process… We’re not afraid to go one-step-farther than anyone else! We will even get on a 3-way call with you and your insurance agent. This almost guarantees a 100% success rate.

We are not another disaster-chasing unqualified group of grunts. You can some speak with our professional staff in the 300 building of the Garvey Center. You can find our new videos that are released a few times a week, and most importantly, you can see our crews working with Flint Hills Roofing Company signs in yards all over the State of Kansas, especially in Sedgwick County, Butler County, and Harvey County, Kansas.

We Work With Insurance For You

For new residents or anyone unfamiliar with Kansas weather, please understand that our wind, hail, and additional weather phenomena can cause even new roofs to be replaced fairly often. Always make sure your homeowner’s insurance fully covers your roof, and make sure you have “code coverage” in case a roof has slat decking instead of OSB solid sheathing.

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