As most roofers know, State Farm Insurance is notorious for denying claims that are entitled to a full roof replacement. This video and blog post give details about a circumstance where homeowner’s insurance providers, even those who deny nearly all roof claims must legally and ethically pay for a full roof replacement.

Flint Hills Roofing Company owner Tyler Sims explains a circumstance where homeowners insurance policy holders are entitled to a full roof replacement, even after having a claim approved for only a partial-repair.

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There is a reason Flint Hills Roofing Company is one of the fastest growing roofers in the state of Kansas… We are willing to go the extra mile to navigate the insurance claims process with homeowners.

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Use this video to learn how to get a legal and ethical full roof replacement approval from any Homeowner’s Insurance company. We even get our claims approved by companies like State Farm, who are notorious for only approving a partial repair when a full replacement is needed.

Sometimes, you just need a pro that’s willing to go to bat for you. That is who we are at Flint Hills Roofing Company. The pro that is on your side from the moment you call until long after your roofing job is complete!

Video By Mike Gamache