Here is how to get insurance funded Full Roof Replacement, even when the policy is with State Farm.

Flint Hills Roofing Company Owner, Tyler Sims explains that certain homeowners insurance providers, specifically State Farm tend to approve partial repairs or deny claims when there is necessity for a full roof replacement. Tyler explains a circumstance where homeowner’s insurance must pay for full replacement, even after approving a partial repair.

We Work To Get Your Full Roof Replacement Claim Approved!

Flint Hills Roofing Company has grown faster than most others in the State of Kansas. The reason is that we are not afraid to facilitate effective communications between customers and their insurance company.

We have recognized that we are the only advocate for homeowners, other than an expensive lawyer. And we know more about roofing than lawyers.

Why should you care?

We are literally the party that is best equipped to work with homeowners and insurance providers. We are here to facilitate a fully-funded full roof replacement when one is deserved.

Yes, we are effective at properly communicating with insurance providers and getting claims approved. We also have relationships with agents and adjusters all over the State of Kansas. Though our primary region is the Wichita, Kansas Metro area.

Watch this video to learn if your roof may be eligible for a full replacement after an initial denial or partial-repair approval.

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Article and video by Mike Gamache