That’s right Kansas Homeowners. You may be entitled to a new roof at no-cost to you!

Living near a place like Wichita, Kansas, our homes are subjected to harsh weather every season.

Many people may not realize when a roof has sustained enough damage to justify replacement. They may not be aware that their homeowner’s insurance includes “code coverage” Which requires full roof replacement on homes with out-of-code roofs, such as those with slat decking.

What It Usually Takes To Get A New Roof

Here’s a meme to help show the point I’m explaining.

What is usually takes to get a new roof - you may be entitled to a new roof

After high winds, debris, or hail, a roof may look alright until closer inspection.

The Hidden Costs Of Roof Neglect

Not only will a damaged roof cause additional degradation to the home or commercial structure, but the cascading effect will reduce the value of that structure and make repairs more costly.

Inspecting a roof’s condition and taking the proper action is much like changing the oil on a car.

Sure, you can continue to run a car on old or low oil… for a while. But over time, the lack of preventive maintenance results in shortened vehicle life and proper function. Eventually, the outcome will be catastrophic failure. Ignoring your Kansas home’s roof will produce similar results in the end.

Don’t let your home, and family’s wealth diminish when a free roofing inspection could add years to the life of your home or business structure(s) while saving money on repairs and increasing the value of your long-term property investment.

Get Your Free Roofing Inspection Now!

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If you are entitled to a roof replacement at no-cost to you, we will work with your insurance company to communicate your need properly.

Don’t let your Kansas home or business building devalue and degrade when it doesn’t have to. Call Flint Hills Roofing today!

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Article and Video by Mike Gamache