Enjoy our roofing memes of the week #2.

These are memes we have found across the interwebs. Many are funny, some prove a point, and the best do both.

Roofing Memes 2.0:

Hiring a Cheap Roofer is like:

Hiring a cheap roofer is like sticking a wrench in the spokes of the bike you are riding.

The above roofing meme illustrates the concept clearly. Hiring a cheap, low-quality roofer is self-sabotage.

We Can All Relate To This Roofing Meme!

The image below needs no real explanation. We’ve all been living on this roller coaster together. I hope every one of our readers are doing well!

Roofing in 2022 - roofing memes

Keep Out Of My Tool Box!

If you’ve worked in construction or a mechanical environment, then you have been the new guy and you know why the new guy should keep his hands off your tools.

The following is a funny way to explain how everyone feels after others have misplaced or misused their tools.

The new roofer going for your tools

All of us at Flint Hills Roofing Company hope you enjoyed this week’s roofing memes.

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