In case you missed them on our social media, Here are some of the roofing memes of the week we recently found.

I’ll start with one of my favorites. It even included Malarkey brand shingles!

Roofing meme - A heavenly entity looking upon a house with beautiful Malarkey shingles

You may think it takes a hole in your roof, when in reality, it takes much less. Don’t wait until storm or wind damage turns into a larger problem. Make sure a professional roofer inspects your home or business after major storms.

Roofing Memes - What is usually takes to get a new roof

The final of this week’s roofing memes is a true story. If you don’t already know, now you know. Hiring the lowest-budget roofer is the best way to put your project over-budget and behind schedule. But at least the quality of work will be low. As the adage says “Nobody’s got time to do it right, but everybody’s got time to do it twice.” Hiring a bad roofer will produce the same result.

Roofing Memes - The cost of hiring a bad roofer is a bad roof

We like roofing memes because they can be entertaining, they can make a good point with few words, and the best memes are funny and informative.

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