“I sell the Ferrari of shingles baby, I sell Malarkey!” Check out the company owner’s shortened-cut of the Flint Hills Roofing Channel video trailer!

Flint Hills Roofing Company Wichita, KS

We just dropped our Wichita Roofing channel trailer a few days ago.

Our company owner’s philosophy, and results are so far beyond our competitors’. Learn Tyler’s mentality of always “sending it” and “taking swings”. See why his company has grown to nearly 7-million-dollars of revenue and 1-million in pure profit before the end of the second year in business.

The Wichita Roofing trailer displays some of the “always win” attitude that is needed to succeed and grow in the roofing industry, or really in any industry.

Tyler and team are producing training: How to make a profitable roofing business starting on day-1. And how to grow that company to a multi-million-dollar business extremely fast.

Learn how to sell roofing jobs, and shingles like Malarkey, the Ferrari of shingles. Make serious money, and love life!

Other Roofers In Wichita, KS Can’t Compete!

There are roofers in the same Wichita, Kansas market who do less business in a year that Flint Hills Roofing Company does in a week… Our company owner has over 20-years of experience in the industry, but his killer instincts for generating profit through hard work and building a reputation of reliability are gifts. Gifts that few others understand, but Tyler is working to share his unique business perspective with other driven roofers. Hard workers with experience and aspirations to start their own roofing business, or grow their roofing business into a far greater vision that its current status.

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Wichita, KS’ Roofing At Its Best

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Article and video by Mike Gamache