At Flint Hills Roofing Company, we don’t believe one shingle or roofing product fits all needs. That is why we offer the full Malarkey line of roofing products and all tiers of Malarkey shingles at the best price in town!

Tiers of Malarkey Architectural Shingles

Highland® NEX® AR Shingles

Malarkey Highland® NEX® AR shingles may be the most economic that Malarkey offers, but don’t get it wrong. Highland® NEX® AR shingles come with a class 2 impact rating, 10% stronger tear strength than Versus standard shingles, as measured per ASTM D3462. NEX® AR Shingles come with a A limited lifetime warranty, 10-year standard prorated period, 10-year algae warranty, and standard + enhanced wind warranties of 110mph and 130mph. Not to mention they look GOOOOD!

Malarkey Vista® Ar Shingles

Malarkey Vista® AR Shingles are the mid-tier shingle, which is the most popular.

Vista® AR Shingles utilize industry-leading NEX® Rubberized Asphalt, which is algae resistant. They have a Class 3 impact rating, 25% stronger tear strength, a standard lifetime warranty, and 12-year prorated and algae warranty periods. They also have standard 110mph/enhanced 130mph wind warranties.

Malarkey Legacy™ Scotchgard™ Shingles

Malarkey Legacy™ Scotchgard™ Shingles Are the bee’s knees. Top-of-the-line. Best-of-the-best, Industry-leading residential shingle.

Legacy™ shingles are Class 4 rated for impact (highest rating possible), and meet the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety’s stringent FORTIFIED™ Roof requirements. They are also 1 of only 4 US-produced shingles to receive a “good” or “excellent” rating in every performance category from the most recent Hail Impact Study by the IBHS.

Wait! There’s More!

Malarkey’s architectural shingles have residential and commercial applications, but there are a lot more products in each category, especially for commercial roofing.

Whether your roofing project is a small shed or a large business complex, Flint Hills Roofing Company has all of your needs covered. We’ve got all tiers of Malarkey shingles, so your roof and budget will receive the best solution!

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