We are Wichita’s TOP Malarkey roofing company. There are so many reasons that we exclusively use Malarkey Roofing Products. Check out this video for an introduction to the best roofing product brand, PERIOD.

Whether you require quality, longevity, sustainability, appearance, or functionality. Malarkey has players on every base and Flint Hills Roofing Co. is at bat, ready to bring the grand slam home!

Top Features of Malarkey Shingles:

  • Wider, stronger wind seal, which helps prevent shingle uplift and blow-offs.
  • 50% longer backing shim that helps nails penetrate both shingle layers to best prevent blow-offs.
  • Tapered backing strip to promote water flow and help prevent leaks from troughing.
  • Malarkey shingles have up-to 35% greater tear strength than the industry standard (ASTM D3462) to resist stress and cracking.
  • 65% greater granule adhesion than theĀ (ASTM D3462) to reduce granule loss.
  • Malarkey Rubberized Impact-Resistant shingles are available with up-to a class-4 impact rating, which is the highest rating possible.
  • Rubberized adhesive resists dry-out and enhances adhesive grip.
  • Rubberized asphalt (SBS) increases shingle strength, flexibility, and gradual adhesion.

With components like that, Malarkey can offer up-to 130-MPH enhanced wind warranties.

The man writing this blog post cares deeply about sustainability. That is why I am personally proud to work with a company that uses Malarkey.

“We strive simply to make the best shingles in the most sustainable way” – Greg Malarkey

Every roof, on-average diverts 5x rubber tires from the landfill. Each roof also diverts 3,200x plastic bags from the landfill. Both resources are up cycled into shingles, which also posses carbon-capture technology, removing the same amount of carbon dioxide from the air as planting two trees.

By incorporating up cycled rubber polymers, Malarkey Roofing Products has diverted over 5.2-million rubber tires from the landfill and approximately 3.5-billion plastic bags.

Malarkey’s smog-reducing granules have reduced carbon dioxide by the equivalent of planting approximately 1.2-million trees. And malarkey shingles are more durable, which is ideal for solar panel installation.

This post is the first of dozens we will share that explain why we have chosen to become Wichita’s TOP Malarkey-preferred roofing company. Check back often to learn more about features of the best shingles used by the best roofers in Kansas!

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Article by Mike Gamache