A Blog Post From Tyler Sims, FHRC Owner:

What makes a top notch earner!”

“It can be easy to rely on leads in order to make sales, but some of the best sales people know that leads aren’t always necessary. Salespeople need to think outside of the box and learn to network with people in order to create new business opportunities.
Creating your own leads takes time, dedication and perseverance, but those who take the time to do it clearly have the initiative and drive to be successful. Relying solely on leads might be easier, but when you go out and search for your own leads and make connections, it can be incredibly rewarding. Once you build a strong network of contacts, you’ll have a vast pool of potential customers that you can go to for your products and services.
Not only is building a network of contacts beneficial, but it’s also key in establishing trust and loyalty; when people know you and believe in you, they’re more likely to do business with you.
When customers know that you’ll go the extra mile to earn their business, it adds a layer of comfort and stability.
So if you’re a salesperson and don’t feel like relying on leads, then you don’t have to – with a good mindset and the right resources, you can find success without them. People who say they can’t create leads on their own simply haven’t tried hard enough; it’s all about who you know and what you’re willing to do to network, build relationships and drive new business opportunities.
Leads are a great asset to have, but ultimately, the best salespeople will look elsewhere for opportunities. With the right attitude and resources, you can create your own leads and find success with sales.”
Written by Tyler Sims, Owner, Flint Hills Roofing Company
Wichita, Kansas.

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