Here is why shingles can’t be partially repaired! – They are all sealed and attached to one another.

In order to pull up a single shingle, damage will be done to the next shingle above or below. Then when pulling that shingle up, once again, it will damage the next shingle.

When Homeowner’s Insurance Must Pay For Full Roof Replacement

Homeowner’s insurance policy holders who have been paying premiums for years, or decades, deserve to have their roof replaced as the result of weather events.

We understand that insurance is a business, and the less money that is paid-out, the higher the profit margins. That’s where Flint Hills Roofing Company comes in!

Our company owner has over 20-years of experience as a roofing contractor and roofing company owner. He has realized that the weakest link is the unmanaged relationship between the insurance policy holder and the insurance company.

Think about it – Insurance companies know their business because it’s all they do. Insurance policy holders, regardless of intelligence, rarely understand the rules, regulations, tactics, and tricks that are used by insurance companies to minimize payouts and maximize profits for shareholders. Shareholders who don’t care about your roof or your home.

Managing The Claims Process For Customers

Most roofing companies just shrug their shoulders and give up after having a claim denied…¬†Approvals for partially repaired roofs scare off contractors. Not Flint Hills Roofing Company!

We understand that our interaction with insurance providers is the strongest opportunity to advocate for good, hard-working Kansans, who are eligible for insurance-funded full roof replacement.

Watch the above video as Tyler Explains the damage that is done to all shingles that contact one another, when attempting to partially repair a roof.

Make sure to contact Flint Hills Roofing Co. for a free inspection, bid, and insurance policy assessment. If there is a way to ethically get your roof bought, we are the roofer who will make it happen!

Article and video by Mike Gamache