Why use Malarkey Roofing Products? Well, there are dozens of reasons that we do at Flint Hills Roofing Company.

Family Business

Right off the bat, we love working with an industry-leading family business that has been around since 1956. As a preferred Malarkey vendor, we have experienced the pride and care that goes into the product, quality, and customer service. When working directly with Malarkey, it is very obvious that the name means a lot.


Craftsmanship can be found throughout every Malarkey shingle. Whether it is “extra adhesive bonds for added protection against wind, rain, and delamination” or “The larger nailing area to improve installation speed, ease, and accuracy.” It is obvious that quality is one of the top selling points of Malarkey roofing products.


When it comes to performance, Malarkey shingles have “industry-leading tear strength, granule adhesion, and wind & hail resistance.” How is this possible? Malarkey shingles are made with something better: Rubberized asphalt.


From the current 5.2-million up cycled rubber tires to the 3.5-billionĀ up cycled plastic bags, Malarkey diverts a lot of valuable resources from landfills.

Not only do Malarkey shingles reduce trash, They also clean the air with the industry’s first smog-reducing shingle granules… In fact, the smog reduction that Malarkey shingles have currently produced is equivalent to planting 1.2-million new trees.

Can you tell? Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word with Malarkey Roofing Products. It is a part of the company’s passion. It’s in their DNA.


In our experience as a Wichita KS roofer, Malarkey shingles rarely receive warranty claims, but things can happen. That is why their shingles offer “standard, enhanced, and extended warranty options”

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At Flint Hills Roofing Company, we are a top-selling Malarkey vendor. We have a great relationship with Malarkey as well as preferred-status perks… Benefits like the best pricing for products and warranties.

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