Check out this quick drone roofing video of a recently completed Flint Hills Roofing Company project.

We are excited to begin a new phase of content production, in conjunction with Mike G Vids.

Our first new video was a quick promo of drone shots at a recently completed roofing project in Goddard, Kansas.

This was a great home in a great community with awesome owners.

Check out the video here:

We are beginning to produce “before and after” videos of our projects. Our producer utilizes full-frame DSLR videography, 3-axis robotic gimbal stabilization, and drones to show progress from the beginning to end of your project. 

Ask About Our Videography Services

Ask us how we can use our videography services to help document or market your home throughout your roofing, siding, and gutter projects.

We will continue to share our videos here from time to time, but make sure to check back for roofing memes of the week, local Wichita, Kansas news and events, and DIY how-to content.

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Post by Mike Gamache

Marketing – Flint Hills Roofing Company